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In 1984, the Hanford family added a video store to the front area of their Hallmark gift shop. The video rental space measured a mere 15 by 19 feet. Rich and Winnie, the parents, were planning on retiring, but their son, Guy, approached them with the concept of opening a video rental store at the height of the video rental business. They agreed, and the Kensington Video store opened with approximately 200 VHS and Beta titles.

As the success of the store grew, the video store overtook the gift shop and eventually occupied the entire 3,500 square foot space. The success of the mom and pop store can be attributed to several components. First of all, Winnie, the godmother of movie picks, great customer service, a knowledgeable staff, and an incredible selection of movies. Through the years, Beta disappeared, then VHS became scarce as DVDs and Blu-Rays soon dominated the market.

70,000 titles later, the Kensington Video became a well-known name in San Diego.

After 32 years, the video store owners decided to retire; however, Winnie and Guy still had the business pumping through their veins, and it took only a few months to decide upon a return of the video business.

The iconic old-fashioned video store would break all of its former rules in regards to technology and finally enter the 21st century with an amazing website, full-featured searchable database, and an electronic checkout system. The video store would occupy a smaller space to be shared with a new family business, Vidajuice, a fruit juice and smoothie bar conceived by Guy’s nephew, Marc Sisneros, and partnered with parents, Willie and Pam, and Uncle Guy.

The venue of the video store is a true film destination for movie lovers, juice and smoothie connoisseurs, and burgeoning student filmmakers. We hope that you will come by and enjoy the new and improved Kensington Video and refresh yourself with a Vidajuice.